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Rob's Exciting Game Shows & School Dances

Keep the party atmosphere going with Rob Clark Entertainment, LLC, "Best Atlanta DJ." Inject a whole new level of fun to your event by having Rob conduct festive game shows. You can also get him to host your school dance!

Game Shows

Game shows guarantee a unique experience for everyone in attendance. Rob is the only authorized distributor in Georgia of the latest equipment necessary to hold these types of TV-like shows. The quality-grade equipment include:

• Interactive LCD Computer Screens
• Lock-Out Buzzers
• Integrated Microphones
• Sound Effects
• 8-Foot TV Screen
Games Available:
• Deal or No Deal™
• Family Feud™
• Wheel of Fortune™
• Jeopardy!™
• Hollywood Squares™


Trivia Feud

Trivia Feud is Rob's take on Family Feud, which itself is one of the greatest "face-off games" of all time. His top-of-the-line equipment allows him to recreate the high energy atmosphere of this legendary game show.

Trivia Wheel

Taking off from Wheel of Fortune, Trivia Wheel is another one of Rob's highly interactive games that your guests are sure to love. The game comes complete with sound effects, and features fast-paced action that will keep everyone engaged.

Trivia Board 4

Jeopardy! is undoubtedly one of the most popular game shows of all time, despite the program being seemingly geared towards high-level brainiacs. Rob's Trivia Board 4 brings all the fun and excitement of the show into your event, while incorporating age-appropriate and fun personalized questions built around your specifications.

Team Trivia!

This fun activity isn't just for bars and clubs. With its energetic nature and ability to bring the game show format to your party, Team Trivia! is sure to be a huge hit.

School Dances

Give the students at your school a great evening to cherish forever. Let Rob throw a great party that all the kids are sure to attend. He makes sure that the kids are the stars, and that everything revolves around their enjoyment. He conducts performances for the following school dance events:

• Elementary School Dances
• Middle School Dances
• 8th Grade Dances • High School Proms


Getting Involved

Rob teaches kids new dance steps and joins in activities with them. He's also updated on everything that kids are listening to these days, and features a playlist that blends both slow (if appropriate for the school) and up-tempo songs.

Contact Rob and have him coordinate entertaining game shows and unforgettable school dances.